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Get Gears Tactics Mobile APK Download on Android and iOS.

Gears Tactics is a new turn-based strategy game with RPG style elements. It’s set in the Gears of War universe and it’s coming out on April 28, 2020, for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. Clicking here will redirect you to Gears Tactics APK Download page, and you can start playing the Gears Tactics Mobile Game Free immediately ahead of the official launch. We got to play the game in both Android and iOS platforms, and here’s everything that we’ve learned so far.

Download the Gears Tactics Mobile APK

Download APK

To get download the Gears Tactics Mobile APK, use the above button. It will take you in to download page, which you can download the Gears Tactics Mobile game. You have to select the android or iOS to download the game file. Once install the game you can play the Gears Tactics Mobile Game Free.

Slide to Cover:

The Gears of War’s iconic “slide to cover” is, of course, a feature in Gears Tactics. But with this being a turn-based strategy game rather than the usual shooter. You’re probably wondering whether that would be any use and the answer is yes. It’s actually a very useful mechanic in this spin-off. When one “slide to cover” in Gears Tactics, their units get a little bonus distance that will give them that little boost they need to go take down the Locust on the battlefield. It also helps to make the game a little more fast-paced compared to many other turn-based style games like XCOM. Staying back and waiting for the Locust to swarm is most definitely a bad idea, which would likely end up with you and your units getting eliminated; therefore it’s best to take the fight to them.

Gears Tactics Mobile APK Download

A variety of different actions combined:

When it comes to turn-based tactics games, a majority of them only let you move one unit and shoot each turn. Thankfully with Gears tactics, that’s not the case. Each unit will be able to do three actions per turn by default, and you can do a bunch of different actions in combination such as moving, shooting, class kills – it’s whatever you need to do to get the upper hand on the Locust. This gives players plenty of opportunities to do some interesting stuff with their unit’s each turn.

For example, one can use the unit’s secondary weapon, let’s say it’s a snub pistol, to break an enemy’s overwatch to open up a flanking route, which was not possible previously. Every unit will have this disabling shot ability in their arsenal and when it has an 8 turn cool down, it allows the momentum to be change on your favor. As you already know, you can get Gears Tactics Mobile APK Download and play with Android and iOS devices.

Bonus actions:

Now, it just wouldn’t be a Gears game without its trademark glory executions and you can bet that Splash Damage. Which has added them into Gears Tactics, highlighting how the game is pushing the players forward. The great thing about executions is that if you’re successful in getting one. Then you’re going to improve your entire squad, adding up to three additional actions across the team. Which is a nice boost to the three actions you already have by default. This helps to push players even further so that they can take down more enemies. Again this also helps to make this turn-based strategy game into something that is a bit faster than your average. Gears Tactics wants to be as fast-paced as any other Gears title and it does its best to replicate. That feel in the turn-based genre with the addition of executions giving squads a bonus.

Outside of the gameplay mechanics, Splash Damage has done an amazing job of making the graphics in Gears Tactics look absolutely fantastic. So fantastic that you could easily mistake it for being a mainline Gears game. Gears Tactics is slat to be officially release on 28th of April 2020 on Steam, Microsoft Store, Android, iOS, and Xbox Game Pass for PC, so go ahead and check it out.

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