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Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK Download on Android and iOS.

In today’s article, we are reviewing Streets of Rage 4, which is a beat ’em up title developed and published by Dotemu, Guard Crush, and Lizardcube and was released on April 30th of 2020 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC. Also with here guide, will show you how to get Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK Download and play in Android and iOS too. Taking place ten years after the Streets of Rage 3 game, this side-scrolling beat ’em up sequel. Will have you playing as either one of the original fighters Axel, Blaze, or Adam, or the two new characters Cherry or Floyd. Rumors have circulated about a possible sequel since the mid-1990s, but development didn’t start until 2018 on this game. So they haven’t been that long in progress with this game.

Download Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK.

Download APK

Just a simply way you can download the Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK using the download now button. It will take you to mobile game download page and ask to select the gaming platform. After it will download the Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK in to your Phone. Once install the game, you will able to play the Streets of Rage 4 Mobile game in your Android or iOS devices.

Game Graphics and music:

The primary thing we have to point about this title is the hand-drawn art style of everything. Including the animated backgrounds and the characters. It is a fantastic looking title considering that it still maintains its 2d side-scrolling aspects of the classic series. The mobile music is nothing less than mind blowing. And while it goes great with the overall style of the game. It makes you nostalgic. At the same time as they even have some of your classic tunes that have been remixed as well.

Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK Download

Mobile Gameplay:

As for gameplay, similar to the original trilogy with some additions to the fighting mechanics. This is the tried and true Streets of Rage you’re used to. The only difference is you can now recover life used for a special attack by combining moves after you use it. You also use collected stars that you find usually hidden in boxes and items you smash for your mega ultimate super moves.

This game does have some unique abilities with it. Including local 4-player and 2- player online play and even a battle mode and some other stuff as well. We have tested the two-player online mode, and we haven’t noticed any sort of latency issues, any burps, or any problems. The only thing we have to say, it did take a little bit of time for us to find a match with somebody to join them. So for an online two-player beat ’em up, it works reasonably well; however, we haven’t noticed if there’s any voice chat, though.


Before the talk about game features, follow the above guide. Which you can download the Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK in to your Android or iOS. This game features loads of unshockable from classic characters to all kinds of classic music as well. So if you’re a massive fan of the Streets of Rage franchise, you will love the amount of detail in terms of the unshockable in this game. You can get through it in about two to three hours playing through the 12 levels. But the way they have it set up with the unshockable.

It will take you around ten to twelve hours to be able to get a lot of the stuff. So it does have a lot of re-play ability. Even though it does have the repetitiveness as it has only 12 levels. The versatility of all the different mechanics, of the various fight moves you have for each character, and the unshockable, do give it a lot of decent re-play ability for the overall length of the title.

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