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How to Get Daymare 1998 Mobile APK Download.

Today we are discussing Daymare 1998, a brand new third-person horror game inspired by classic 90s era titles. Invader Studios is the company behind this game and it looks interesting being a zombie game and heavily influenced by Resident Evil. This game came out on the 17th of September of 2019 for PC, Android, and iOS platforms. While the PC version is available with a price tag of USD 29.99 on Steam, the Daymare 1998 Mobile APK for Android and iOS can be downloaded free. In this article, we are going to review the title with its pros and cons as per our opinion based on its Android and iOS versions, so stay tuned with us until the end.

How to Download Daymare 1998 Mobile APK.

Download APK

Now you can download the Daymare 1998 Mobile APK using the download now button. Once you open up the download page, you will ask to choose Android or iOS to download the game. By choosing your device, download and install the Daymare 1998 Mobile game. Using the online Daymare 1998 game servers, you can play the game in your mobile.

Here are our thoughts in the game Daymare 1998, and we will start with the pros.

Daymare 1998 Mobile APK Download

Daymare 1998 review: Pros

Atmosphere: The game does a great job in keeping you on edge by providing a great atmosphere for the horror vibe. The environments look polished and some nice effects, especially the rain effect which is very well done.

Combat: Combat is quite simple and easy, we would say it’s not too bad. It’s not breathtakingly amazing but it’s fun. And along with that, the gunplay is also quite good as well.

Voice acting: It feels convincing as well on many instances that we have come across in the game.

Playing as multiple characters: We really liked this aspect in this game. You can play the same game from multiple perspectives which gives you a much broader understanding of the overall game.

Item combined: Item combiner is an old concept which you would see in quite a few games, specifically Resident Evil 2. You can combine multiple items to make a better version of that item. It’s an excellent feature as it helps free up the inventory space.

In above as we describe a way to download the Daymare 1998 Mobile APK and play the game in your Android and iOS devices. Now, let’s talk about some of the downsides which we found throughout the game and we think these are the things should be rectified by the developers in the next version.

Overly-complicated gameplay:

A lot of gameplay in this game is simple. But a lot of the gameplay is also ment to be extremely difficult and strange. For example, sprint requires three separate buttons rather than just W and shift.


When it comes to inventory, you have a normal inventory and a sub- inventory; and unless you have a magazine for your gun ready to go in the sub- inventory, you won’t load your gun and we found that to be increasingly annoying as it progressed.

Overly difficult puzzles:

The game has quite a few puzzles as you would expect from any other Resident Evil game. However, the puzzles in this game we felt were just too strange and difficult. In one puzzle, for example, there were three phrases written in English and you had to answer those phrases using ancient Greek and English characters. All the pickup items that were in the same room did not provide any explanation as well for the actual puzzle itself.

Wrapping it up:

The game is primarily influence by Resident Evil, and most of the Resident Evil fans would like it. Thanks to the similar and more intense vibe this new incarnation offers. That’s being said, It is a 6 out of 10 in our opinion strictly, and we are expecting a few of the cons will be changed with future patches.

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