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How to Get Predator Hunting Grounds APK Download on Android and IOS.

As most of you know we are less than one week away from the full release of Predator Hunting Grounds. We’re going to be extensively covering this game on this article and we want to share with you some of our thoughts on the basis of the Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile game, and much more. You can follow this review to get a Predator Hunting Grounds APK Download for Android and iOS devices. As you like to play the game on PS4 and PC, you will able to play it on mobile device too. Lets check how you can have get install the Predator Hunting Grounds mobile game.

Download the Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile APK.

Download APK

Using the download button, now can get download the Predator Hunting Grounds APK file to install the game in your mobile. You have to choose android or iOS, and get download the supporting installation files. Right after install the game, you can able to play the Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile game in your Android and iOS.

Some basic facts:

Although Predator Hunting Grounds is a game by Illphonic which brought you such classics like Ghetto Golf, Sonic Boom, Friday 13th, and dead by daylight; this is by far the best game this studio has produced. The title is going to be introduced on April 24, 2020, for PS4 and PC. And also you can download Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile game right here. Now, Predator Hunting Grounds has a fair share of problems on its own, and before we get into those, we are going to give you a quick gameplay review.

Predator Hunting Grounds APK Download

Gameplay review:

The game is an asymmetric multiplayer where on one side you can play as the predator and on the other side, you can be a part of the Fireteam. The Fireteam consists of up to four players, and its job is to complete a random mission and shoot AI enemies along the way. The predator, on the other hand, has to kill all the players on the Fireteam. Each side has a variety of weapons and gadgets to choose from and to unlock. The Fireteam side is pretty basic – a primary and secondary gun, and two gadgets like a grenade and healing item. However, the predator comes equipped with some classic predator gears, including his shoulder-mounted gun, gauntlet, predator vision and last but not least, his cloaking ability, and all these make up his basic arsenal.

While the Fireteam stays pretty grounded for the duration of the game, the predator can climb trees and run along the branches. The fire team can cover themselves in order to prevent the predator’s vision to spot them as easily. However, The predator’s invisibility is pretty well balance while standing still, and you’re completely invisible then; but as soon as you move, the invisibility turns up to camouflage which can be seen by keen eyes. Now, we have explained how the game functions, we will go over some points of critique. So, without further ado, here are some problems.

Scopes for improvement:

1. The graphics options are strongly lacking.
2. You can’t rebind your controls
3. You can’t choose the maps before the match takes place.
4. Constant connectivity issues throw you off the game repeatedly.
5. Creating a party with friends doesn’t let you play together because one player gets kicked in the loading screen.

6. Queue times can be absurdly long.
7. The game allows for one player to queue up with the predator alone without any balancing to make it fairer.
8. The tutorial can bug out to a point where you can’t complete it.
9. The field of view can not go higher than 90.
10. The loot boxes which give you only cosmetics and can’t be unlock without keys have a weird problem – they take too long. Once you open the loot box, you have to wait till it is done before opening a new one or quitting to the menu. You cannot interrupt the opening process.
11. And lastly some minor performance issues.

Final words:

During you read this review, we hope you already downloaded the Predator Hunting Grounds APK to play the game in mobile. We do believe that most of those things will be patched by the time of the release. The amazing sound certainly helped the game to offer the feeling of the first predator movie, and that is predator hunting ground at its best.

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