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How to Play Valorant Mobile Game in your Android or iOS game.

Although Riot Games hasn’t yet come with an official release date and all we know it’s set to be launched anytime in the 2020 summer. But we were able to get our hand on the Valorant Mobile version which was released almost two weeks before on April 7th. We will show you this method to get Valorant Mobile Apk Download into your Android or iOS phone. That will allow you to play the mobile version of Valorant game. We believe its full main version release date will vastly depend on the inputs of the gamers during its closed beta.

Download the Valorant Mobile Installer.

Download APK

The Valorant Mobile game very easy to install and play. So use the download now button to get Valorant Mobile Apk in to your android phone. But in your are in iOS, you can download the iPA file to install the Valorant game. After install as normal way, you will able to play the Valorant Mobile game.

First reaction:

Our early reaction to the mobile version Valorant is it’s kind of a weird combination of Overwatch and CSGO. From its trailer, we thought it would be largely a role-play based FPS like Overwatch as the players were creating walls, reviving teammates, and employing smokescreens. We also assumed that there would be DPS, tank, and supports as we experienced in Overwatch.

However, the mobile experience proved that we were mostly wrong in our assumptions. The game feel is more inclined to CSGO than Overwatch and in a good way. Even though you will find agents with certain roles and unique abilities in skirmishes. The actual gameplay provides you with a CSGO like classic FPS feeling where your precision in aims and reaction speed matter most.

Valorant APK Download

Agents and their unique abilities:

A group of people with super special abilities fighting in future earth – this is the gist of Valorant. When you enter the game, the first thing you’re going to find is the agents. Total of eight agent characters are available for you to play as. And Valorant promised that there will be twelve agents in the final release. Every agent comes from different background with three unique skill sets and one ultimate skill. A few moments in the practice zone will let you figure out the skills and specialties that agents bring with them.

For instance, one character is equipped with drones and arrows and can scout terrains safely. Where another comes with smokescreen creation ability and his ultimate can revive team-members. You will find agents using poison to occupy the map and setting up traps for the wandering enemies.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay:

Valorant is a five-vs-five game where your objective is either to eliminate every member of the opponent team or to install a spike at a specific point of the map. Depending on whether you’re attacking or in the defense team, you have to protect the spike until it sets off, or deactivate the same. So if you want to try this, you can get the Valorant Mobile APK Download in to your Android and iOS phone to play the game.

If you’ve played CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege already, you would feel familiar with Valorant’s primary gameplay concept which is much like those classic FPS gaming. Once shot, the agent gets slower and headshot damage will be intensified; hence, unless you’re able to aim precisely, you will have a much lower chance to survive for a longer period. Wall-hacking gimmick is available so that you can shoot through the walls.

When a round begins, you’re primarily equipp with a pistol and knife. Multiple other weapons are available to purchase if you want to use them. Otherwise you can get one from a dead enemy member. Total twenty weapons, including shotguns, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and more are accessible in the game inventory. In each game, you have to buy two other skills apart from your default skills. However, they are extremely low-priced, and therefore buying and utilizing them in almost every round doesn’t require much effort.

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